About What We Do

Why Us?

No one can wait anymore.

We are all in a ‘we want it now’ society so no surprise that photography can provide a solution with instant printable technology. Major theme parks across Europe can now supply you with an instant photo the moment you leave the attraction. This service is now available to you in your personal or Corporate Events, Parties, Weddings, Debs & Graduations, the list is almost endless.

Many people at events try to capture moments on their own mobile phones or cameras, often with less than satisfactory results, this strengthens the need for professional event photography with instant on-site printing. Our service is a welcome addition to any event where guests want to capture those special moments. As we all know, photography has always been popular and with the latest technology improving on phones and cameras this only proves that there is huge interest in being able to take photos instantly.

We can produce a range of high quality sub-dye prints within seconds which leave the printer touch dry and ready to put into a quality finished mount.

Branding your Photographs.

If desired, we can easily incorporate your own corporate logo or branding into our images.