Visitor Attraction

We had a challenge to put the Nightmare Realm on the radar of social media back in 2013.

Our task was immense, but with determination and a lot of hard work we had a very successful month supplying instant photos to the clients, whilst also building an online presence that succeeded our expectations when it came to the social media aspect.

What started out as a reach of just 500+ visitors to their Facebook page, ended up being a 7000+ fan page with a reach of up to 125.000 people using Facebook for the month of October. This was all done with a totally new concept to the Irish market and continues to this day to draw interest with daily likes on the photos taken in the Realm. Having now worked with The Nightmare Realm for six consecutive years we have learnt so much about our business which has grown year on year with them.

We use the latest technology to transmit photos of the people going through the haunted house to a viewing station at the exit where they can then purchase the photo of themselves being frightened and also have the sequence of the photos they are in uploaded to Facebook. With social media being so popular it proved to be a great selling point and soon had a following of people from as far as China connecting online every night to see our Fear Pics of the Day…

If you have a park attraction or a visitor center why don’t you give us a call and see how we can start making you some money from photos, and increase your presence online.